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Bonus Work


TV/ Social Spots


Galaxy's Finest

Art Director: Me! & Gywnie Bahr

Copywriter: Sydney Illum, John Starkweather

& Jared Brockbank

Director/Editor: Taylor Ballard

Content Creator: Tanner Jackson

Producer: Kaylee Kress

Go Fund Me

Give Like a Kid

Art Director: Me!

Director/ Editor:  Morgan Capener

Content Creator: Mckay Watson

Producer: Annabelle Suton


  Reclaim Touch
Consumer Insight: 1 in 3 women experience sexual abuse from an intimate partner. Reclaiming touch with a new partner takes patience, trust and healing. 

Art Director: Me!

Director, Editor: Meg Lyon
DP, Editor, Colorist: Hannah Gulbrandsen

Mother's without Borders

Mother's Day Campaign
Creative Strategy: 
There is nothing greater than watching someone else give to something that really matters 

Art Director: Me!

Director: Ryan Smith
Content Creator: Brennan Strader

Production Coordinator: Skye Dahlstrom

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