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Hi. I go by Annie, AP, Pete, Belly-belle, and my friends call me "the plug" because I like introducing
people to each other. 

SLC Roots. I peaked my senior year in high school when my  basketball team won the state championship in OT and yes
I cried... SEE PIC HERE.  
Hot Glue Gun certified.

Random things I should probably brag about
(and might not tell you in person)!


I don't mind moving to a big city and living in a shoebox apartment bc I kind of already live in one lol


I can pound a 12 pack of La Croix all by myself


I'm the kind of person who 
doesn't leave their shopping cart in the parking lot

One time I listened to the "All too Well"  10 minute version 49 times in a day...aka 8.16 hours...yes I am okay


I am a dog person

Oui, oui, I speak fluent french...c'est vrai

Real Clients I've worked with:


Dean's list,  four years in a row

Silver  2022 Advertising International  La Pieza Winner

Ballard Scholar in Social Impact 

Mom's favorite child 23 years in a row!
Out of 5 kids!

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