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International Rescue Committee

Unwelcome Home States

Insight:The world has more than 27 million refugees. Last year, the United States resettled only 13,700 refugees. Unintentionally, the US is sending an unwelcome message to refugees seeking a new home.

Each state will have a home page with information about the restrictive refugee policies in the United States. On the page, people can write a message to their state representatives encouraging more welcoming policies for refugees. 


The IRC will send the person a postcard for their home state. It will thank them for helping change the message.

The IRC will send a sticker to each citizen who writes their state representatives. The sticker will be an unwelcome message, but once peeled off, it will be a positive message for refugees. 

sticker mock up final.png

Art Director: Me! & Annie Kate Cutler

Copy: Jared Brockbank


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