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Hey Jimmy

Passion Project


Anyone who knows me, knows that  I love Jimmy Fallon. However, I have had no luck when it comes to getting tickets to his show, it has literally never worked out!

In response to this long streak of being unlucky I wrote the lyrics and guitar chords for "Hey Jimmy".  I went and worked with a producer to have the song mixed, mastered, and of course made a lyric video for it.  A song all about how I just want to be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy!

P.S. I sent this to Jimmy recently so cross your fingers that Jimmy hears my plea and takes action.

I kind of hate that this video exists! Haha... but I do think that it helps get the point across that I've always been a Jimmy fan. ( Don't worry this was filmed back when I was 17 )

play with sound!^

play with sound!^

Lyrics & guitar chords: Me!
Art: Me!
Big thanks to my new friend James Dean for producing, mixing and mastering this piece. He helped me bring it to life better than I ever thought I could!

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