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Passion Project


The Process

the process 1.jpeg

1. The Search
I went back through all my old journals and pulled out stories, names and notes on the people I wanted to include

the process 2.jpeg
the search.jpeg

2. Mapping
I went and searched a map where I have been marking the origin of people that I have met

3. Card Creation
I carefully selected the people I wanted to include in my Globodex and created a card for them, the key is as follows:

card creation.png
search part 2.jpeg

4. The Search Part 2
I tracked down a vintage rolodex and I carefully removed the old cards

5. Rolodex Compilation
I hand cut all my cards and drilled them carefully to fit in the vintage rolodex…. I then placed them in

search part 3.jpeg

The Finale: Globodex
I  can't wait to add more connections through out my life

the final .jpeg
globodex close up and books.jpeg
globodex final on books.jpeg
me and my globodex.jpeg
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