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Passion Project

Since I was 5 years old I have made valentines each year to give to my friends. This one so happens to feature my high school crush, Jimmy!

Saint Patrick's day of course deserves it's own collage!

My boyfriend loves easter, what more can I say.

The only thing I love more than Ice Cream is Ice Cream that gives good advice

The Dad of the Century: A Collage

A collage  I made all about the person I want to become. Each panel highlights a family member and traits they have that I hope to develop

An "angel" collage. I made this after an angel girl gave me a free Jamba Juice after walking by me in the library and noticing I had been crying. The world is kind! 

I dare say that my older sister and I are the most iconic sister duo! This is a collage to commemorate that and all put favorite iconic sisters. 

Boo! The bottom left ghost is my favorite

I visited Hawaii and fell in love the with the classic Dole Whip, rightfully so it deserved it's own collage

A collage dedicated to my little sister named Lucy who truly deserves her own sitcom

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