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National Geographic

Everywhere is wondrous

This ad has a special place in my heart~ 95% of the posters, maps, postcards and wall decor came from my very own collection from over the years and around the world! It was a beautiful thing to hang it all up and share it in this story

1 minute

One day I spent 9 + hours hanging all the wall art up!  The room we started with was completely blank. A lot of work, but so fun to see the idea and mood boards come to life!





More BTS of "the charm of rural America"

annie brading hair.png

Concept team:

Art Director: Me & Kailey McClune

Copy: Ashley Hale & Mckay Fritz


Director: Zoe Taylor

DP: Tyler Davies

Editor/Photography: Daniela Olson

Manager: Matt Jackson

Big thanks to the community of Santaquin, Utah who helped us bring this idea to life,  letting us borrow props and film in various locations for free!


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