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Consumer Insight: Too many children are abused at home but stay silent about it when they come to school.

Creative Strategy: Band-Aid heals by providing resources to end the silent suffering of children.

Product Redesign

Band-Aids will be sold in blue for the month of April (to show support to abused children). Each wrapper will feature a statistic on child abuse. Additionally, Band-Aid boxes will be redesigned to feature a QR code which takes people to the Band-Aid Pledge to learn the signs and resources to end child abuse.

Scanning the QR code takes you here

Digital Trend

Band-Aid invites the public to show support to child victims of abuse by changing profile pictures to photos of themselves as children for the month of April.

4 (1).png
insta mock up.png

Print ads


“Bandaid Box”– Stamp

This simple stamp allows children to cry for help without actually saying anything. Teachers will stamp this box onto the top of worksheets with a disclaimer video (made by Band-Aid) to check the “Bandaid Box” if they would like a teacher to pull them aside to privately discuss any “boo-boos” at home.

new hw sheet stamp.png

“Band-aid Box”– Dispenser

This dispenser in elementary school bathrooms carries special edition Band-Aids designed specifically for children to report abuse. Each Band-Aid wrapper has a section for children to write their names. From watching the disclaimer video, children know that they can sign the wrapper and dispose of it in a case that only teachers have access to.

bandaid box dispenser-01.png


Art Director: Annabelle Peterson

Copywriter: Ashley Hale

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